Indian fitness tech startup Boltt on Saturday unveiled smart wearables powered by artificial intelligence (AI) at the Consumer Electronic Show, CES 2017 here. The products launched were connected shoes, stride sensor, fitness trackers and a virtual health assistant named “B”. “Our vision is to change the regular fitness regimes and upgrade it with a combination of new-age thinking and technology,” said Arnav Kishore, CEO and Founder, Boltt Sports Technologies, in a statement.

The Mumbai-based startup Boltt’s connected shoe integrates features such as energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced gripping ground control for a comfortable and natural movement. The stride sensor that lies embedded inside the shoes, can be hooked on any shoe or be worn with the help of an ankle band as well. The sesnor can analyse performance metrics for sports like soccer, rugby, hockey and other outdoor sports and claims of 97 per cent accuracy. Boltt announced pre-orders for the wearables will be registered in October, followed by a commercial launch via exclusive e-commerce partners. The company plans to launch their products across 13 countries in batches. Boltt has also partnered with Garmin, to make available the products to the consumers globally.

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CES is world’s largest technology fest which takes place annually at Las Vegas Convention Center. CES 2017 started from January 5 and will go till January 8. Till now the fest has seen slew of product launches based on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. These products have left spectators amazed and there are many other products, which are still to make their debut on the world’s biggest stage.