San Francisco: As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, Twitter on Wednesday mandated that all its 4900 employees must work from home. In an announcement, the company said, “We understand this is an unprecedented step, but these are unprecedented times. And we will continue to do all that we can to support our Tweeps.” Also Read - Coronavirus: 'Work From Home,' Microsoft to Employees From Seattle Region And California

The social media company announced the decision on Wednesday after “strongly encouraging” its employees to work from home earlier this month. Also Read - Twitter Advices Its 5000 Global Employees to Work from Home Amid Coronavirus Fears

“Our top priority remains the health and safety of our Tweeps, and we also have a responsibility to support our communities, those who are vulnerable, and the healthcare providers who are on the front lines of this pandemic,” Jennifer Christie, Vice President, People at Twitter, wrote in a blog post.

“To continue this push, we are moving beyond our earlier guidance of ‘strongly encouraging work from home’ provided on March 2 and have now informed all employees globally they must work from home,” she said.

The company also said that it will continue to pay contractors and hourly workers who are not able to perform their duties while working from home.

The move comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. The virus has spread globally, infecting over 118,000 people and killing more than 4,000.

Other tech companies like Google and Amazon have also encouraged their employees in some areas hit by coronavirus to work from home.