Dead or Alive is one of the most popular games among the gaming enthusiasts and now Dead or Alive Extreme 3 has already made its way on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game was launched on PS consoles, back in March last year. One of the most exciting part of the game that kept the users hooked was soon to come PSVR support. Althought PlayStation Virtual Reality launched without much fanfare, the PSVR support on Dead or Alive Extreme 3 is finally announced. Also Read - Craze For PlayStation 4 Amps up as Sony Promises Rs 38 Lakh For Finding Critical Bug

PSVR on Dead or Alive Extreme 3 will be downloadable via ‘VR Passport’, available from January 24, as reported on Gematsu. The annoucement was reported after an update was released  on official website, Koi Techmo Games, of Dead or Alive Extreme 3. Also Read - Virtual Reality Combined With 3D Motion Technology Can Help in Performing Physiotherapy at Home

VR Paradise will now work together with existing Owner’s Paradise in the game, allowing the user to access three more paradise – Gravure Paradise, Event Paradise and Photo Paradise with virtual reality support. Players can experience various situations in Vacation Mode by unlocking gravures, events and poses in the three respective paradise. Even if a played don’t have gravures unlocked in the Vacation Mode, they can go ahead and access it from the beginning. Also Read - Facebook acquires Beat Games, maker of popular VR game Beat Saber

Dead or Alive Extreme 3 will soon be getting update for PlayStation 4 Pro, with only Gravure Paradise and Event Paradise in PSVR. According to an update on official website, users would be able to enjoy most of the visuals as on PS4 Pro, such as “see the girls look cuter than ever in high detail.” Players can access the VR support through ‘VR Passport’ for free until February 28. After the free preview offer, the VR support would cost 1500 Yen and added tax, which roughly translates into Rs 900 plus tax.

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Dead or Alive Extreme 3 is exclusively available in Japan an Asia.