A laptop could have cost a Delhi man his life. On Tuesday morning, the 26-year-old Rahul Singh woke up to find his bed on fire. Singh went to sleep the previous night with his laptop left on the bed as usual. After seeing fire, he had to exit his seventh storey flat at River Heights in Raj Nagar Extension through a small window in the bathroom. From there, he reportedly jumped on to a beam nearby and remained there till the fire department arrived at the spot and helped him to safety.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Singh worked as an engineer with a multinational networking and telecommunications company in Noida. He confirmed to have arrived home early Tuesday after a night shift and used his laptop for a while before going to bed. “I left my laptop in sleep mode on a bed and slept in another bedroom,” Singh told HT. “An hour later, around 8.30am, I woke up with a choking sensation and I started to vomit. There was thick black smoke in the entire flat. The portion of the mattresses where I had kept my laptop was on fire. I could not see anything and rushed to the bathroom to get some air.”

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He also confirmed that his wife had left for work and locked the flat from outside. When he found the bed on fire, the smoke was so thick that he could not go to the main door and open it. “I opened the window of the bathroom and saw a beam on the opposite side — at a distance of about 4-5 feet. I crawled out of the window and jumped on to the beam and raised the alarm,” he added.

The report further notes that society residents rushed to the spot and informed the fire department. The fire probably started from the laptop but the exact cause has not been confirmed yet. Singh hails from Etah in UP and his wife works as a teacher at a play school in Raj Nagar Extension. “The man suffered scratches in his escape through the small window. There was no option for him but to move out of the flat at any cost. So the window was the only available exit,” Sunil Kumar Singh, chief fire officer, told HT.