Whatsapp, finally, after a long, long wait launched their video calling feature which has been welcomed by all and sundry. The video calling feature finally allows people to share and talk with friends and family but over a video call. Whatsapp entered the already flooded Video Calling market with their new feature but then, there definitely is room for one as with the new feature, Whatsapp becomes the one go-to app for everything. Whatsapp video calling feature has been much demanded by users and finally, with the app now coming with the update, users are most excited to try it out. Initially, there were many who already downloaded the Beta app to test the feature and since Whatsapp is globally launching this feature in batches, people simply cannot wait!Also Read - WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: Guide On How To Use WhatsApp Web Without Using Your Smartphone | Checkout Video

However, as with the voice calling feature of Whatsapp, where Whatsapp made it an invite-only feature, meaning, you could get access to the feature only if you had an invite from someone who Whatsapp had already rolled it out to, this feature is being rolled to everyone simultaneously. But then, not many people are aware of it. Those who desperately wished to get an invite so they could experience voice calling think that the video calling feature will also function in the same manner and and were awaiting invites from their friends. They did not realise that once he app was upgraded, the feature was automatically activated and one need not wait for it with invites. There are no codes or any links that you need to activate it. Simply upgrade and start using the app with video calling directly. Also Read - Big WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp Brings Custom Sticker Feature For Desktop Users, Here's How To Use It On Web Version | Watch Tutorial Video

However, spammers are making the most of this confusion. There’s a message going around Whatsapp stating that has a link asking people to click it to activate video calling. Once people click the link, they are asked to “confirm” their data and once they enter it, all personal information is sent to hackers! There’s a complete business being made of it. The link, which is sent reads: You’re invited to try WhatsApp Video Calling feature. Only people with the invitation can enable this feature. However, the link is fake and is Spam. It asks people to register on the site which is a fake site. Once the registration is complete, you are asked to share the link with your friends to help them activate their video calling and to join you in the call. Thus, a chain is created which continues. The hackers are misusing the information and many people have innocently shared all details. Whatsapp Video Calling and 5 new features Whatsapp has that made us fall in love with the app all over again! Also Read - Facebook Messenger, Instagram Postpone Encryption Of Messages To 2023. Details Here.

The entire website has been created in the look of Whatsapp and looks completely credible. The details on the site are detailed and it looks completely legitimate. That is exactly why, even people who know about Whatsapp and are technologically sound are confused and lured into sharing their details. For a lot of Indians, the hoax has turned pretty scary with all their data shared openly on the site. For all Whatsapp users, kindly bear in mind that Whatsapp rolls out upgrades though Apple or Google Play store and will never ask for personal details. Even if they ask to verify, the details will not have to be entered. There might be a code shared or a official invite but at no point will sensitive data be leaked. The issue is pretty scary and many users are suffering. Finally! Forget third-party locks for Whatsapp as Whatsapp now comes with 2-step verification

However, this is not the first time that such an incident has spread though Whatsapp. Even in the past, people have used Whatsapp to share links and spam. Innocent users thinking the links are actual discount coupons click on it and either their data is compromised or there is a bug or virus loaded on their device. It is quite a challenge to spam away from such modes of communication and especially if people are parts of large groups, this is quite common. If you’re a part of such groups and are aware that people in your group might be game to such spam, please inform them in advance and inform them of the harm done by clicking spam links. It is important to educate people and stop them from clicking such links and spreading the spam further. It is the only way to stop the chain and also, reporting the issue to authorities might help.