California: An annual list of top 100 worst passwords of the year 2018 has been released by the Software company SpashData. The password which has received the crown for being the top dumbest one is “123456”. Next in rank comes the very obvious password “password”. These two passwords have stayed at the top spots for a span of five years.

While ‘123456789’ stands on the third position, ‘12345678’ has got the number 4 position in the top worst password list. If that wasn’t enough, on number five is 12345. 111111 is also in the top 10 as is sunshine, qwerty, and iloveyou. Usage of such dumb passwords poses a security threat to the users. The list proves that users continue to keep their accounts vulnerable to potential hack attacks or data theft by using weak passwords.

The worst passwords list was generated after evaluating 5 million passwords leaked on the internet. It is also common for people to use celebrity names as their passwords, which makes it easy for hackers to successfully crack the code.

(With ANI inputs)