Epic Games which developed the popular multiplayer game Fortnite has its own gaming store on PC now. It has taken on the PC gaming giant Steam from Valve by introducing bigger profit margins. But it seems not everyone is impresses by the approach of Steam. Chris Early, who is the Vice President For Partnerships And Revenue for Ubisoft, expresses how they are not too impressed by Steam’s business policies, according to a report by the New York Times.

Ubisoft themselves sell a lot of its games on Steam, and have others like The Division 2 and Anno 1800 on Epic Games Store. These are available on Ubisoft’s own Uplay as well. Epic Games is taking on Steam, which is a PC game platform giant which also happens to split profits in the 30/70 ratio, Google may have to rethink plans in future. Epic Games has launched its own PC game hosting platform called Epic Games Store which is charging the developers only 12 percent instead of the 30 from Steam. But developers are of the opinion that things on the Epic Games store can be better than they are right now.

With big players like Ubisoft introducing its Uplay Plus and EA’s very own Origin Access, everyone have their own interests. The other big players that is taking on this segment is Google with its very own Stadia. Though most publishers believe that it will not be a great success outside the US, because it requires a strong broadband connection. This is true for Stadia and that will become a big challenge for Google in time. Though it is true that Google claims that Stadia will work with internet connections that have a minimum speed of 50Mbps. This speed should make it a viable option around most of the world. Though all this remains to be seen.