There’s a new feature that the newest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 5.2 introduced called PUBG Labs. This new feature is set to bring experimental content to the game so people can play and test it for the devs. It is just an intuitive method to get feedback from the players even before they decide to ship a feature to the game. And features that tick all the boxes will be confirmed by the devs and introduced to the test server.

In the words of the devs themselves, “PUBG Labs is a space where we will work with the community and players to experiment with new game modes, rule sets, features and so much more. Your feedback on the systems and tests we carry out on in PUBG Labs will directly benefit the community and grow our perspective on player priorities. We can’t wait for you to get in there and try the top secret action we’ve been working on.”

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PUBG Labs: Details

Players can find PUBG Labs in the menu under the Play button. PUBG Labs will continue to be updated with new content. Skill Based Rating is the current experimental feature being tested through PUBG Labs, tracking your skill and assigning you a rating based on your match performances.

Skill Based Rating

This is the first experimental feature being tested through PUBG Labs. It will be tracking your skill and assigning you a rating based on your match performances. This Skill Based Rating is separate from the current Survival Title System. Ratings will be applied for each mode based on players’ skill level. To see your rating, you must first play 5 matches. After you finish 5 rating-evaluation matches, your rating going forward will be adjusted based on factors. These factors include kills and overall placement in matches. You can leave feedback about the changes to your rating after the end of each match. For one week after the Skill Based Rating test ends, all players who participated can share their feedback via an in-game survey.