Smartphones have have come to overtake almost all aspects of our lives. This shift is also attributed to the shorter attention span among adults. According to some research papers, these two things seem to be interlinked. In addition, the upcoming devices are becoming more and more advanced. Another aspect that we have noticed around is the increasing number of devices that now fight for our attention. This includes smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, smart home display, car displays, and so much more. With the rise of multiple screens, even limited attention span and information overflow, things such as Face Pause are ingenious.

Face Pause is a new Android app developed by XDA Junior Member CarlDuncan. It uses existing technology such as face detection to see when you are not looking at the screen. Whenever the user is not looking, the app pauses the game or video playing on the screen.

It is worth taking note that this helps users save both the battery as well as the effort to rewind. In fact, this feature can also act as an important addition to improve the security of your smartphone. Talking about the security, it can automatically lock your smartphone if you forget to lock it manually. According to a report by XDA, this app is similar to the Smart Stay feature that Samsung announced back in time. However, the key difference between the feature and Samsung and Face Pause is how they go about it. The report revealed that Face Pause pauses apps while Smart Stay keeps them awake on your device.

Face Pause app features

The report clarified that this can work with any activity that the user is taking part in on their smartphone. This includes playing a game, listening to music or as mentioned, watching videos. The app applies a screen overlay on the display if the face is not visible to the front camera. However, the app clarified that it just detects a face, and does not support bio-metric face authentication. Some of the features in the app include Fast App Launcher, Screen Standby Customization, and Power Saving Mode. Other features include Rear-view camera face authentication, Face Detection Frequency, Display Menu, and Pause cam. Face Pause is buggy with videos so the developer has made a dedicated Face Tube app.