Recently, the data of 533 million Facebook users have been hacked in the Facebook data leak. The hacked data includes users’ names, emails, phone numbers, and locations, etc. This data has been put free on a low hack forum, from where anyone can access your data without paying any cost. India is also included in the leaked data of 106 countries. Out of 533 million users leaked, 6 million users are from India.Also Read - Phone Numbers, Private Details of Over 500 Million Facebook Users Leaked Online

Facebook Data Leak

The leaked data also includes the phone number of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook says the data is part of an “old” data leak operation in 2019. Privacy Monitoring is now investigating the leaked data from Facebook. Now the leaked data has been published for free on hacking forums, so it is widely available. Researchers say the database contains data for 53.33 million people in 106 countries, including 30 million Americans, 11 million British, and 7 million Australians. Also Read - Facebook Data Row: Ravi Shankar Prasad Questions Congress Link With Cambridge Analytica, Says Party Depending on Manipulation on Social Media to Win Elections

Data Leak Dangers

Firstly, it is important to understand what the dangers of data leaks are. In what ways can your data be used? The first thing is that data is used the most in telemarketing. Apart from this, based on leaked data, an account can be opened in your name in the bank. With the help of leaked data, your account like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can be hacked. Also, your name and e-mail can be used in phishing attacks.

So, let’s check how you will be able to know if your phone is also involved in the leaked data or not.

Troy Hunt, a cybersecurity expert who runs the Have I been pawned website, says that not every user has all kinds of information, but 500 million mobile phone numbers have been leaked, while only a few million email addresses have been leaked. Troy Hunt says that when news of Facebook’s data leak started spreading, his website started getting “extraordinary traffic”.

  1. Go to the website Have I Been Pwned?
  2. There will be an input box, enter your phone number in the international format, for example, if your phone number is 6754387690, then you enter +916754387690.
  3. If a message ‘Good news — no pwnage found!’ then your ID or mobile number hasn’t been hacked, but if ‘oh no — pwned!’ is found written, then your ID has been hacked.

Earlier users could only search email addresses on this platform. Now on this website, your mobile number can also be entered in the search box and this website will verify whether your information is present in this leaked database or not.