New Delhi: The much-acclaimed Crisis Response feature of Facebook is now upgraded with a WhatsApp integration for people to be able to share their details in times of a calamity.

Apart from that, Facebook has also updated the existing feature with new functionalities. Now, users will be able to share first-hand information about their whereabouts and other important information in case of a disaster.

This is important because in most cases, smaller details about the incident get hidden under the bigger picture reported by news outlets.

The latest update also includes a better ‘Data for Good’ feature, new and improved disaster maps, apart from the WhatsApp integration.

It must be noted that the WhatsApp integration only supports the ability for people to offer or request help in times of crisis. Additional features available on Facebook are not yet ready for the messaging app.

Facebook has also partnered with relief organisations like the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation for individuals to be able to reach out and share their data with state and local officials and federal relief agencies.

Since Facebook launched the Crisis Response tool, people across 80 countries and in over 300 crises have been able to to use the feature.