New Delhi: According to a news report by a Spanish portal, it was stated that the American tech giant Microsoft Corporations has acquired all divisions of rival multinational conglomerate Sony Corporations in a landmark $130 billion deal. However, the news report left many on the internet, chiefly gamers, throwing a hissy fit. Also Read - Facebook, Google, Microsoft, TikTok Adopt Australian Misinformation Code to Address Spread of Fake News

The development comes after Microsoft this year acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of noted video game publisher Bethesda Softworks, for $7.5 billion, making it the sole owner of highly-celebrated video game franchises such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. Also Read - Budget 2021: Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft Will Have to Pay 2% Extra Tax Now

However, a closer look at the news report further revealed that things just aren’t always how they seem. The report was first “leaked” by a Spanish portal on Tuesday, which was then shared by a website called “Microsofters” and translated into English by EN24 news on social media. Also Read - Microsoft Launches New Office Space, Inspired By Taj Mahal, in Noida | Check Video, Pics Here

In the said report, the Spanish portal has included several convincing details, including that the deal was valued at $130 billion (which instantly hooked several readers) and Microsoft’s overarching plans to take advantage of some of Sony’s biggest strengths, such as the technology for its cameras and its exclusive video-gaming lineup.

However, the report was later denied by authorities as there was no official nod to an apparent landmark deal such as this, even hours after the report first “leaked” on the internet.

It seems strange that what could’ve been the biggest news story of decade is reported in a Spanish magazine and a few blogs, but no other major publication or website has reported on the news.

Furthermore, the report didn’t surprise anyone who are seriously well-versed with updates in the tech world. But it was written convincingly enough to let a lot of known faces down the gutter of practical hooks.