Download FUAG Game: FAU-G or Fearless And United Guards launched on 26th January at 72nd Republic Day with a lot of fuss. The game has been touted as PUBG Mobile India Rival, but is it really imitating PUBG’s game mode? The much-awaited FAUG, even before it was launched considered as the replacement of its counterpart PUBG Mobile India. The FAU-G game is designed by Bangalore-based Ncore Games. It can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, although iPhone users will have to wait longer. Although, the game has been compared with PUBG for obvious reasons, but here’s the deal! FAUG is totally different from PUBG in terms of its graphics, game mode, and various other things. Here’s few things you need to know before you perceive this Make in India game as a perfect alternate of PUBG. Also Read - Karnan Box Office Day 3: Dhanush Starrer Rocks With Rs 63 Crore Opening Weekend Collection Worldwide


Those who have already experienced PUBG’s Mobile India Game Mode will easily distinguish between the FAUG and PUBG’s Game Mode. The FAUG’s Game Mode features a single person combat. Although we have three different modes in FAUG including ‘Tales From The Galwan Valley’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, and ‘Free For All’. But only ‘Tales From The Galwan Valley’ is available to play right now with single person campaign. Others have a ‘Coming Soon’ badge on them. Also Read - Kane Williamson Needs bit of Extra time to be Match fit: Trevor Bayliss

Whereas, the PUBG’s Game mode has Battle Royale Game with lot of variants and subdivisions. There are five Arena modes in PUBG including Domination, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Gun Game. Users of this mobile game used to fight either alone or in groups of two or 4 friends from the rest of the groups alone. Also Read - Nitish Rana-Harbhajan Singh Enthrall Fans With Punjabi Song After KKR Beat SRH in IPL 2021 in Chennai | WATCH VIDEO


PUBG Mobile depicts an imaginary location with mixture of urban areas along with hills, open areas, and forests. The players of PUBG have options to select from 5 Maps which are different from each other. These maps are imaginary with names such as Erangel Map, Miramar Map, Sanhok Map, Vikendi Map, and Karakin Map.

While the story line of the FAUG is based on the Galwan Valley, a site of war between India and China. It is a real location, which is the border area of India and China. In explaining about why the game is setup in Galwan Valley, the CEO and Co-founder of nCore Games told Indian Express –

“FAU-G is trying to portray the life of an Indian Soldier and how faujis are fighting for us on the border. If you look at the genre of action games, they follow a theme. I think if we have to create a game from India, we have to base it on Indian themes, and if you look at Indian themes, we all saw Galwan Valley and what happened.”


One of the most standout difference between FAUG and PUBG is the Combat style of both the games. FAUG features a Hand-to Hand Combat style with weapons such as axes, spiked, and axes. Due to an agreement of not using guns between India and China in Galwan Valley combat, the game also doesn’t allow players to use the guns. The character in the FAUG game can’t command soldier to kick the opponent; Everything happens on its own. There’s no strategic plan or attacks that you can use to attack on your opponent.

Whereas, the PUBG game allows users to engage in different combat styles and players can use different weapons to attack on its opponents. The weapons can be any kind including knife, guns, bombs, and many others. The PUBG is a melee shooting attack where players can hide behind the houses, towers, trees and plan a strategy to attack on its opponents to win.


The FAU-G game is designed by Bangalore-based ncore Games. FAU-G can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, although iPhone users will have to wait longer. PUBG is an multiplayer Battle Royale Game developed by PUBG Corporation for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia.


Sound is the most important part of any game. Apart from music, people playing PUBG can talk among themselves and can also plan strategic attacks. Because they are part of a team. While this option is not available in FAU-G. May be in the coming time, these updates will be included.


The FAUG game has been launched for Android users in India. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But the FAUG game is not available for iOS version. PUBG Mobile is banned in India by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 2 September 2020. The central government banned 118 mobile apps including PUBG in the country citing national security. But its global version is available.