Reliance Jio has been all that Indians seem to be discussing these days and the telecom operator has clearly taken over the Indian 4G market. Clearly, Indians are absolutely enamoured by all things free and since Reliance Jio is offering all services, calling, messaging and internet for free till the 31st of march 2017 (the limit has been extended), the offer just seems too good and Indians are queuing up to get their hands on a Jio SIM card. However, other telecom operators are not behind in the race and since the Reliance Jio launch, they too have upped their game and announced a host of offers and plans. Right on the heels of all the telecom wars, Government has also aggressively started pursuing their Digital India campaign and clearly, Reliance Jio could not have come at a better time.Also Read - PM Narendra Modi to Launch e-RUPI on August 2: Know All About The New Digital Payment Platform

But then, while Reliance Jio is offering internet for free, isn’t it unfair to just stick to one network. Each region in India has telecom operators which are more popular and successful in that region. And while the government does want to support digital India and digitisation, they don’t really have their own telecom operator and need to join hands with other operators to announce their schemes. And the government of Goa has done just that. The government wants to spread more internet literacy in the region and make the youth more and more aware of the internet and the things that can be achieved using the internet. Thus, they are planning on offering free calling and internet for all youth in Goa to help the youth experiment and get a taste of the virtual world. Also Read - Dr. Hari Krishna Maram Conferred Skoch Order of Merit For Providing Digital Skills to All

Seems too good to be true? Well, it is! To promote the Digital India dream of the government, Goan government has taken a bold step and tied up with Vodafone to offer Goan citizens with free talktime and internet. The offer is aimed mainly at youth who love to be online and experiment with the virtual world. They keep a lookout for multiple offers and are open to changing and experimenting to see what gives them the best deals. The Vodafone offer, which will be just like the Reliance Jio offer will offer everything from a SIM card to calling (locak and national) as well as internet for free. It could definitely give really tough competition to Reliance Jio in the region as the offer will be backed by the government. A total of 1.25 lakh youth, between the age of 16 years to 30 years are expected to benefit from this new offer. However, when said free, there are limits on how much data and internet can be used. Only people who have been residents of Goa for 5 years can apply for the scheme. Aircel launches Rs 148 unlimited internet and calling pack with a validity of 90 days, takes on Reliance Jio Also Read - Govt Liberalises Mapping Policy | This is What Will Change For Indian Firms

It will be a monthly scheme where the users can get 100 minutes of free calling and up to 3 GB internet free per month. After that, the calls and the internet will become chargeable but then, the rates for the same are not yet disclosed. it is also not clear if the users will be charged or will their data speeds get clamped, as Reliance Jio does for users extending over 1 GB internet usage per day. The new scheme is called Goa “Yuva Sanchar Yojana” and will be announced soon in the state. If a user is found to be misusing the scheme in any way or engages in duplication, that is gets 2 SIM cards, then strict access will be taken against that person where he or she will be blacklisted and their access revoked. Through the scheme, the government is hopeful of testing youth’s interest in internet and also, understand how they are adapting to it. The validity of the scheme is for 3 years. Either Aadhaar card or Voter ID card is required to get the free SIM along with a passport size photograph.