Fortnite players have been dropping into the same map for the last two years. Well, calling it the same map may not be fair, since Epic Games often introduces drastic changes to its map. But the map in general has remained the same. We have seen additions like a giant cube to a Borderlands-themed zone and a Western frontier. But now it seems that Fortnite players are set to get a whole new map. Whether this new map will be replacing the present one or will be a new addition is not clear.

This was dug up by dataminers who have found a whole set of new locations which could only mean that a new map is inbound. To top it off there are signs of destruction on the present Fortnite map that suggest that this may be destroyed. This new patch that dataminers have accessed is titled ‘The End’ which is another indication to a new map being introduced. One of the files that was found by the dataminers is a loading screen that shows Fortnite characters waving goodbye to the battle bus.

The map is in chaos right now and with the Visitor coming in the meteor that crashed into the map. Time rifts have been opening up on the map at random causing never seen before chaos and bringing new items with it. These changes have been map threatening as well.

Fortnite‘s competition PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG has introduced several maps in this course of time. But Epic Games has gone with editing the present map to keep things interesting. Hence it might finally be time when they decide to scrap it all and start afresh. The current season in the game that sees Batman themed additions to the game is set to end on October 6. This is when we could get the new big changes to the game.