Fortnite has always been about the battle royale and most of its updates are focused on improving it. In other words the battle royale genre gets the most attention usually. But that does not mean that the other mode in the game which is Save the World is left aside. It does get its update with the other major updates of the game. And this time around it seems that the devs are introducing a dungeon to the game.

Players on Fortnite will now be able to enter dungeons in the Save the World mode. Her they will be able to take on hordes of monsters, have to evade traps, and deal with numerous other surprises in order to gain some great loot. This will be a similar experience to other dungeon crawling games where players have to gear up while progressing through the dungeon to fight the boss in the end.

The tweet that announced this reads, “There’s a new way to play Save the World… Dungeons! Fight monsters, dodge traps and gear up. Descend into the depths and confront a sinister monster. Unlock Heroes, weapons, and other rewards for your locker by braving the evil in each of the four unique #STWDungeons”

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It is there is no mention about the kind of loot that will be awarded to the players that reach the end of each dungeon. But Epic Games has teased that players will be able to unlock heroes, weapons, and more for their locker by completing these dungeons.

And if history is any indicator with Epic Games, players need not worry about getting updates on Dungeons. Epic Games usually follows through with regular updates and we expect it will do the same in this case. This is a good addition to pick up the Save the World mode from Epic Games.