There is a new Fortnite v10.10 Content Update out which brings a few new things to the game. The Fortnite v10.10 content update went live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 20. It brings a brand new item, map changes, and weapon tweaks. This comes after previous week’s update was dealyed. The new update brings the already leaked Rift item along with a new map change. There is now a new rift zone at the Indoor Soccer Pitch near Snobby Shores.

Junk Rift item

The new Junk Rift is a throwable item that was leaked previously as a dinosaur falling from the sky. The description of the new item reads, “Heads up! You can now deal with opponents by dropping heavy things on them.” This and the video probably means that players will be able to drop huge objects on their enemies. These could include items like an anchor, port-o-potty and a police car. The video below shows how the Junk Rift item is used to take out a Mech and two players at the same time.

WATCH: Fortnite – Junk Rift – New Item

Glitched Consumables and Map Changes

One of the most significant map changes in the v10.10 is Indoor Soccer Pitch and its surrounding area that include the abandoned swimming pool, gas station, car repair shop, and small bus stop. This area now has a rift zone makeover.

The map change spin this time has ‘Glitched Consumables’ which will essentially provide players with more bonuses. Besides these there are weapons and item changes along with gameplay, art and animation changes. There are new items in Creative as well which include prefabs and galleries.

Save the world has a new weapon called V6 Launcher which is described as, “Rev up your engines with this new Rocket Launcher! The V6 Launcher hits the Weekly Store to join the Rat Rod Weapon set.” Check out the full patch notes here.