The gaming world is an interesting mix of passion, enjoyment, competition, and money. It has evolved from a small passionate community of geeks back in the day to an inclusive world full of a diverse set of gamers. The gaming community now includes people from casual mobile gaming, all the way up to competitive PC and console gaming. It is also worth noting that gaming is no longer limited to a small set of users with particular hardware. The rise of smartphones as opened up the space making it more inclusive.

Interesting gamer incidents on a rise

However, increased access to gaming has also lead to an increase in interesting incidents. These range from toddlers raking in thousands of dollars as in-game purchases and more. We have also seen a number of mobile, PC, and console games go the route of microtransactions. In fact, the industry is currently working hard to move to the cloud with Google Stadia, and Microsoft Project xCloud. This subscription model does come with games with microtransactions in the form of in-game purchases. The presence of such a model will continue to result in some interesting misfortunes.

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According to the Chinese website Abacus, something similar happened with Chinese gamer Lu Mou. As per the report, Lu Mon is a video game “whale” that spends an excessive amount of money in a game. Mou spent about 8-10 million RMB in the game Justice Online to create a powerful in-game character. This amounts to about Rs 9.35 crore after conversion. For the people unaware, Justice Online is a popular multiplayer online role-playing game. It is based on The Four Great Constables, a novel from Wen Rui’an.

The report went on to state that Mou had given the character to his friend Li Mouscheng to level it up further with the latest purchases. However, things get interesting here as Mouscheng accidentally listed the character on the in-game marketplace NetEase. He clarified that he accidentally did this after suffering from dizziness from excessive gaming. He accidentally sold the character for about Rs 45,000.

An expensive mistake

Mou was furious after the incident and took Mouscheng to court. The court judge at Hongya County Court of Sichuan Province ordered the buyer to return the character to Mou. The ruling also ordered Mouscheng to pay $12,781 or Rs 91 lakh to the buyer as damages. In addition, the court also warned Mou against spending an excessive amount of money in a game.