Apple, the premium smartphone brand has been in the news in the past for rumours of setting up manufacturing facility in India. Just in the recent past, in May 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to India had sparked off rumours that the Californian giant is all set to enter India with a manufacturing facility. However, the news was soon rubbished and everything went on as usual. Infact, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus too launched with no signs of Apple planning on entering the Indian market for manufacturing. The thought was soon dropped. But then, looks like there was something in Tim Cook’s May visit to the country and that those rumours were based in fact after all. So then, does this mean that we are seeing an India-made all new iPhone 8? Chances are, not really. So then what about the manufacturing unit?Also Read - Apple's Smart Speakers HomePod Mini Goes On Sale, Available In New Color Options And Price | Checkout Video

Remember Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India drive? With all the demonetisation floating around, we can see people almost forgetting Make in India. But then, Make in India is active and kicking. Make in India is all about getting international manufacturers and brands to manufacture in India and boosting the Indian economy by generating more jobs and through foreign investment. Apple has a huge fan following in India and the brand is one of the most premium smartphones in India. Apple has tied up with Foxconn, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers that have their facilities in China. For now, although Apple smartphones are designed in the US and come with the ‘Designed in California’ logo, they are actually and truly manufactured in China. Also Read - Apple Halts Online Sales in Turkey After Currency Crash

Since the Modi government has provided a incentive where foreign retailers are exempted for three years from a requirement to locally source 30 percent of goods sold in their stores. While in the past, Apple has denied rumours of setting up a facility in India, reports suggest that Apple is now seeking monetary incentives to come to the country. According to a report in Wall Street Journal or WSJ, Apple officials have been in talk with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Secretary Ramesh Abhishek regarding FDI and Apple’s entry in the manufacturing segment. Apple has also reportedly sent a letter to the Indian government detailing their plans for India and also the manufacturing process, showing keenness to discuss financial incentives. Does this mean that iPhone 8 will be manufactured in India? Apple is offering free battery replacement for specific iPhone users. Check if you’re eligible Also Read - Apple Watch Series 8 Leak: Apple Watch Series 8 May Look Like This, Checkout Designs And Specs Here | Watch Video

Likely not. Even if the manufacturing facility is soon set up, it will take time for Apple to start manufacturer and selling shop in India. While the reports of Apple manufacturing iPhones in India might mean good news for many as it will greatly reduce the large taxes and duties Apple pays on imports and bring down the price of the iPhone, it will also mean taking a step against the Trump government for Apple. Donald Trump, the current US President has been known to push smartphone and gadget brands to shift manufacturing to the US from China to generate more jobs. Right after Trump came to power, there were news of Apple planning on commencing US manufacturing of iPhones and asking Foxconn to shift manufacturing facilities. But while the news was all the rage then, it soon died down. Apple all set to revamp Mac desktops soon, says “great Mac desktops are coming”

It will be interesting to see Apple set up manufacturing in India with the push from Trump to manufacture in the US. But then, with Indian manufacturing, Apple’s phones timelines in the country will reduce too. It will also see better profits for Apple as though Apple will slash rates, the prices will not drop too low, helping Apple make more profits through the price difference in the amount which initially went as tax. Apple shares less than 2 percent market share in India while competitors Samsung are at the top position. Many smartphone makers have their manufacturing facilities in India and Apple will be one of the many if they take this step. However, official confirmation from Apple is still pending and so far, we suggest the news be taken with a pinch of salt.