New Delhi: People who are looking for COVID vaccine and testing centres at this time of Coronavirus pandemic, here comes a piece of good news for you. Amazon India has now updated its virtual assistant Alexa to help users find more COVID-related information.Also Read - CDC Leader Adds People With Risky Jobs to COVID Booster List | Deets Here

As per the latest updates, Amazon Alexa will now provide information about testing and vaccination centres in nearby areas for you. It will also provide information on vaccination availability, helpline numbers, details to contribute towards COVID-19 relief, and much more. This was announced by Amazon India on Tuesday. Also Read - Jammu and Kashmir: 32 Students of Private School Test COVID +ve in Rajouri On First Day of School Reopening

Amazon India India said the information related to COVID vaccine and testing centres will be sourced from CoWIN portal, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website, and MapMyIndia. Also Read - Alabama Lawmakers Weigh Using Coronavirus Funds to Build Prisons

It must be noted that the Amazon Alexa was last year updated to share information about COVID-19 related symptoms and cases in India via Echo speakers and more.

How to use it? With the help of MapMyIndia, Amex will help users find the nearest COVID-19 testing centre along with the travel distance.

You can start it by asking questions such as “Alexa, where can I get a COVID-19 test?”

To get information about the nearest vaccination centres, just say, “Alexa, where can I get a COVID vaccine?”

Then Amazon will explain that Alexa recognises users’ location from the paired smartphone and provides a list of vaccination centres nearest to the location. Following this, users can visit the CoWIN portal for booking an appointment.

Suppose, the users want to search for vaccination centres near other pin codes, then use the Vaccine Info Alexa skill. The skill will ask you for a pin code, as well as the age category to provide you with information.

Apart from this, Alexa will provide updates on the COVID vaccine completion rates in India through information sourced from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website.