When it comes to smartphone security, there’s a hands down winner and that is the iPhone. That is simply because it runs on the iOS platform which is considered by many to be much more stronger than Google’s native Android. Right since development, Android has been an open source system which meant it afforded developers a lot more freedom. But Google’s decision to keep Android open source platform also raised a lot of questions with regards to security. On and off, we keep reading reports and data on how your smartphone is not as secure as you think and why it’s not good to have a whole lot of personal data on your device. However, Google has in the past often rubbished these rumours and where required, announced patches for any major glitches – which have hardly ever been any.Also Read - Uber Eats Adds New 'Pick Up Map Feature' To Locate Nearest Restaurants | Details Here

Since the launch of the very first Android, Android 1.0 to what is Android Nougat today, Google has definitely come a long way. And so also, has Android. What were security concerns previously have quietly been dealt with by Google. Each new version brings more and more to the fore and with each new version, there is improved security. Android and iOS are very different in terms of functioning and features, both. And that is probably why both have their staunch followers. iOS users love the safety and security their operating system provides. Also, there are many who prefer iOS over Android as just because the OS is more closed or restricted, they claim it provides better security. And looking at the track record of both in the past, that can definitely be said to be a true statement. But then, we’ve come a long, long way from the initial launches and does the same idea hold true even today? Also Read - WhatsApp Update: New Feature Will Allow Users To Report Selective Messages | Check Details

According to Adrian Ludwig, Director, Android Security at Google, the idea does not hold any merit today as Android is just as secure as Apple’s iOS. Infact, he is so sure of its success that he claims it will outdo iOS and will soon be the better of the two! Tall claims or does he have some substance to them? According to him, it is the open source form which Android has and which has exactly been the reason people have questioned its security in the past that will help making it more secure in the future. Ludwig claims that Android has an inbuilt security system called “Safety Net” which is operational on every Android device and each day, the system scans each Android smartphone/tablet (over 400 million devices) and over 600 billion apps to ensure they meet with Google’s security standard. According to the data complied by him, there are less than 1 percent of all existing Android devices that are affected by Malware and that have not been treated. Also, he claimed that there is yet to be any major attack or any real life hack done on an Android device. 4 Problems with the latest MacBook Pro and Apple’s excuses for a disappointing product Also Read - Technology Tips And Tricks: How To Copy Paste Between Android and Windows, Watch Video To Know

He pitched these ideas forward at a security conference in Manhattan and stated in different instances throughout the presentation, “For almost all threat models they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities. In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place. At this point we still don’t have any confirmed instances of exploitation in the wild. We got quite a bit of work left to do to get to a point where that actually happens on a regular basis across the whole the ecosystem. Mass exploitation is something that I’m not expecting that we’re going to see at any point in the Android ecosystem.” According to him, the system is so secure that a mass attack is impossible. While there are chances (there haven’t been any in the past) of a single attack, a mass attack is out of question. Also, a lot of Android’s security rests on manufacturers. Google brings Magic to Android, tied up with Harry Potter to let you cast spells with your phone!

Although most are now quick in rolling out upgrades, the consistency needs to improve so the security patches are wexeuted almost as soon as they are launched. For this there needs to be a better integration and adaption between the different manufacturers. While initially, the system was a lot more confused than it is now, things have improved with even budget and basic smartphones coming out with the latest Android version. However, maintaining these budget devices is still a challenge as while during launch they launch with the latest version, there are hardly any upgrades or patches rolled out later and that is exactly what is leading to a lot of issues in the security. While iOS has just their in-house devices to deal with, Google has a world of phones right from budget phones to top line devices and thus, the challenge is manifold. However, as per the data provided by Adrian Ludwig, security is a priority for Google and Google Android has come a long way since launch. However, he did admit that it’s a work in progress and the results in terms of supremacy over iOS will be visible soon.

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