Google has just launched a new Beta version of its in-house keyboard app Gboard. Similar to most Beta updates, the company has introduced a number of new features. These features give us a glimpse of the new things that Gboard users should expect in the future. The introduction of these features makes Gboard an even more compelling offering for Android users looking for a good keyboard. It already provides a number of features including layout, languages, keypresses, themes, text correction, voice typing, built-in search, and more. Google is likely to bring the new versions to the stable version in the coming weeks.

Google Gboard 8.7.2 Beta details

According to a report by XDA Developers, Google has added the keyboard height options in the latest beta version. Gboard Beta users can now select from an “Extra Short” and “Extra Tall” keyboard height option. Another report from 9to5Google discovered more hidden features in the new update. As per the report, an APK teardown revealed new settings regarding the handwriting support on Gboard. The new update has introduced settings in the “Handwriting settings”. These settings include “Handwriting speed”, and “Handwriting stroke-width” to further customize the experience.

The report stated that users can choose between “Very slow”, “Slow”, “Mid-slow”, “Normal”, “Mid-fast”, “Fast, and “Very Fast” for speed. The stroke width offers “Extra thin”, “Mid-thin”, “Normal”, “Mid-thick”, “Thick”, and “Extra thick” as options to users. In addition, Google also seems to have removed key vibrations from the Symbols key on the bottom-left corner. We are not sure if this is a bug or an actual change in the app.

Beyond this, the company previously renamed its “Rich symbol keyboard” to “Symbols keyboard” in Gboard. However, that change is not yet available in the latest beta version. This “Rick symbol keyboard” is likely to be a dedicated section along with “GIF”, and “Stickers” sections. Google is planning to include “over 300 Unicode symbols” in this section. If you want to test the options, you need to sign-up for the Beta on Google Play Store.