Google Images is the most popular tool to find images on the web and it has been getting revamped recently. One of the new changes seen on Google Images recently is the removal of a search filter. Google has removed a search filter that allowed users to find images of exact sizes. The toolbar along the top of every Google Images search offers a selection of several filters. These filters include size, color, usage rights, image type and even time when it was uploaded. The filter options make it easier to narrow down the search results whenever you look up for an image.

According to 9to5Google, the search giant has removed the option to filter an Images search result by the exact photo size. The change means that there is no longer an option to filter by minimum resolution while searching for images. The option has been available in Google Images for several years and it is not clear why Google decided to remove it suddenly. The change is not an A/B developer and has been observed by a number of users. Even Reddit thread is amass with comments about users not being able to find such an option.

There is even a possibility that Google might be looking to replace the feature. However, there is no sign of any changes to the feature just yet. However, if you cannot do without Google Images Search with resolution filter then there is a workaround. You need to visit Google’s Advanced Image Search feature ( and you can now filter by sizes larger than certain megapixel counts. The ability to filter by exact file size remains unavailable at this moment.

Microsoft Bing, however, does offer an option to filter by exact size of an image that you are looking for. The filter has been prominently used to find wallpapers or images of a very specific size and resolution. It may not seem like the most widely used tool at the face of it but it is functionality that would be missed eventually.