Google pretty much has it’;s fingers in every pot out there and there’s literally nothing the company hasn’t tried already. From having secret products (Google X) to launching the coolest things every other month, Google does it all. And for the Y generation, the company is synonymous with the internet. Say internet and Google is the first thing that comes to mind. The search engine’s usage is only increasing by the year and the company is growing in leaps and bounds. And while so far, if you wanted to go for a vacation, you would log on into Google and then hunt for the place and facts and touristy spots around, you didn’t really expect Google to give you the answers (except for sourcing from other sites). And think of vacations and there’s another hassle to face – the planning.

If you had a penny for everytime you planned a vacation and ended up pulling your hair out in confusion over the millions of options available online and tips from family and friends, you’d be able to travel around the globe, business class, in that amount. Vacations are fun – they give you a much deserved break, help you chill and you feel rejuvenated after one. After a break or a vacation, you are more than ready to get back to work. But then while vacations are everything great and amazing, there’s one big aspect of vacations which no one likes – the planning! There’s just so much confusion, so much to figure out and just so many options! Everything can confuse you no end and you might end up planning or doing things you don’t like. And what if you reach the spot and have to make last minute changes?

Vacation is the latest trend Google seems to be tapping and announced the launch of their new vacation based app – Google Trips. the app will not only help you plan a vacation but the best part about the app is that itis available offline which means it can be accessed even from the place you’re visiting, whether you have WiFi/Data or not. For now, Google had added the top 200 cities in the world to the app. It acts as a vacation organiser where you can simply plan your trip and organise all your details. You begin by deciding the date trips and once done, simply choose the location you want to visit. Google helps you see all your reservations – be it flight or hotel bookings in one place so you can be more organised and know exactly how much time you have in hand. You can also plan your trips according to the time you have on hand.

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If you’re visiting a region which has a famous “must-visit” place and then you have sometime before you take off for the next place or simply want to explore the lesser known regions around the place, you can simply use Google Trips as the app will hunt out all nearby places to be visited. It can also help you create last minute itineraries or make changes to your current itinerary depending on what you want to do. Depending on the time on hand, you can create an all-day tour, half day tour or a tour for just a few hours. Google will also help you choose the time of the day to make the trip so you don’t end up at an attraction at an inappropriate time. Google Trips syncs with your Gmail to source all reservations or trip related details from your mails and populates them in the app. Everything, including maps, tickets, reservations, contact details, etc can be saved offline.

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According to the Google Blog: “Everyone has different interests and time constraints. No matter how popular an itinerary is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect day or the perfect trip. Google Trips can help you build your day around places you already know you want to visit. Google Trips is a personalized tour guide in your pocket. Each trip contains key categories of information, including day plans, reservations, things to do, food & drink, and more, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. The entire app is available offline — simply tap the “Download” button under each trip to save it to your phone.For the top 200 cities in the world, Google Trips shows you a variety of day plans featuring the most popular daily itineraries. We’ve automatically assembled the most popular sights, attractions, and local gems into a full day’s tour — all based on historic visits by other travelers.Keeping track of all your flight, hotel, car and restaurant reservations when you travel can be tough. With Google Trips, all your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized for you into individual trips, so you don’t have to search and dig up those emails. They’re waiting for you within the reservations tile, even without WiFi.”

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It does sound great and amazing but then, since the content is user generated, the app might not really be a boon for those not looking to do the standard commercial thing. If you’re looking for a vacation which explores the unknown and want to do something different, Google Trips might not really help you there. Also, the number of cities are limited. If you choose a city that is not extremely touristy, then you might have to go back to hunting on Google or asking for travel tips from your hotel concierge. Another issue with the app might be the updation due to lack of internet. If there are any changes in your itinerary while on the go or if you have flight or ticket cancellations, it might not show you the details. Also, as the content is again user generated, it might at times be valid only for some as it might not suit your personal tastes. But then, the negatives are tiny compared to the pluses. You’re earning the blessings of us travellers Google!