Google Maps and Google Search are finally getting Incognito Mode. At I/O 2019 back in May, the search giant confirmed that incognito mode will be built into Maps and Search. Now, the feature is being rolled out to these two applications and it will be accessible from the profile menu inside the app. Previously, incognito mode was available only on Google Chrome browser and it is seen as a way to keep your data off Google account.

“When you turn on Incognito mode in Maps, your Maps activity on that device, like the places you search for, won’t be saved to your Google Account,” Eric Miraglia, Director of Product Management, Privacy and Data Protection Office, said in a blog post. Alongside this new update, Google is also bringing changes to how it stores user data. As part of a privacy controls revamp, it is bringing auto-delete option to YouTube, which will delete all location, history and app activity data.

Google will now allow YouTube users to set specific time periods for auto-delete. The time period ranges from three to eighteen months. Once you select the time period, YouTube app will automatically delete your data. This feature can be accessed from the My Activity menu inside the app. Google Assistant is also getting new privacy controls allowing users to delete up to a week’s worth of voice command data from within the app. However, if you want to delete older data then you will have to manually do from within the account settings menu.

The new effort is aimed to simplify privacy and security for its users. The last update as part of this effort is an expansion of password security tool. It is introducing Password Checkup as a new tool that will users if any of your passwords are weak or reused across multiple sites with one click. It will also alert users if it detects that the password is part of a third party data breach. This feature is now live on both desktop and mobile devices.