Google Pay, the peer-to-peer payment service from the search giant, is getting dark mode. The update is being released ahead of official roll out of Android Q update. Google announced last week that the next version of its mobile operating system will be simply called Android 10. The company is getting rid of the years long tradition of naming its OS after a dessert. With Android 10, one of the big features being rolled out is the system-wide dark mode. When enabled, the feature will turn on dark mode even on the supported applications.

Google Pay gets Dark Mode ahead of Android 10 release

Now, before the official release of Android 10, Google is adding support for dark mode to Google Pay as well. The feature was first spotted by Android Police, which notes that the app is getting true dark mode. Google Pay joins a growing list of applications that have gained support for dark mode in the recent months. The report notes that there is no toggle to turn on the dark mode at this moment. You will need a smartphone running Android Pie or Android 10 beta with dark mode enabled to get the feature running.

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Photo: Android Police

The feature seems to have been added with Google Pay v2.96.264233179 on the Play Store. However, the release seems to be rolling out slowly on the Play Store. It is important to note that the update does not bring AMOLED black with its dark mode update. But it should be useful to save battery. Google also says that when you enable battery saver mode, it will enable dark mode on all of its applications. Android Police notes that there does not appear to be any menus that have been left out.

Ahead of Android 10’s release, other Google apps have also received dark mode as a feature update. The list of apps that have native dark mode include Google Fit and Files by Google. Older apps such as Google Keep had a working dark mode for months now. With Google Pay, there does not seem to be many apps that don’t have a dark mode yet. With dark mode, all apps will have a dark background with white text and it works best in low-light scenario.