Several months after confirming that manually tagging people on Google Photos will become a reality, the company has finally rolled out the feature in which users will be able to manually add in many of the faces that its algorithm misses out on. Those hoping that the feature would allow you to point at any area in an image and add a tag to it, will be disappointed.

Face tagging feature still relies on the tech giant’s algorithm and its ability to detect a person or pet’s face to begin with, Android Police reported on Wednesday. To manually tag people, open Google Photos, look for any picture with people or pets in it, and swipe up or tap the overflow key on the top right. This brings up the updated EXIF panel with the People section, recognized persons’ avatars, and an edit icon or pen on the right.

As far as privacy is concerned, Google will automatically scan users’ photos for faces if they have the “face grouping” feature turned on. The says it doesn’t share this information between accounts, according to The Verge.

Meanwhile in India, it appears that Google might introduce a new feature for its Google Pay users. According to a report, the Search company is likely to introduce a new gifting gold feature for the Google Pay users. In addition, the company is also working on a Material design revamp for the app.

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The feature was spotted in the APK teardown of the app. If you are unaware, developers go through the latest version of an app to look for upcoming or hidden features. Google in April teamed up with MMTC-PAMP India allowing users to buy 99.99% 24 karats directly from the app, but gifting it to other Google Pay users will be a new option.

Written with inputs from IANS