A number of details about the upcoming Google Pixel 4 have leaked online. This new set of details focuses on the camera features that Google is planning to add in the smartphone. A developer has just taken apart the latest version of the Google Camera app to uncover upcoming features. According to the report, Google is planning to add a number of new features including Audio Zoom, Live HDR, and more. The internal code also indicated at improved wide-angle selfies and improvements to Night Sight. Let’s dive into all the expected changes.

Google Pixel 4 Camera features

According to a report by XDA Developers, senior XDA member cstart27 inspected the APK for Google Camera 6.3. The report also highlighted the changes that it observed between Google Camera 6.3 and 6.2. It went on to note that all the above-mentioned features were marked as “experimental2019”. This likely means that the 2019 Google Pixel lineup is likely to feature them. We already know that the company has not added these features to Google Pixel 3a, that just leaves Pixel 4.

Talking about the features themselves, Audio Zoom is not a new feature, we have already seen it in Note 10. To clarify, this feature uses a microphone to adjust the audio focus when you zoom in or zoom out. The second feature expected to come with Google Pixel 4 is live HDR. This is likely to be based on the “HDRNet” algorithm that Google researchers developed along with MIT. This feature can also automatically retouch images with changes, in contrast, tone, and brightness, all under 20 milliseconds.

The third feature mentioned above is improved wide-angle selfies. As per the report, Google may use a new “Mesh Warp” feature to capture better wide-angle images from the front camera. This feature corrects the distortion from a wide-angle lens to ensure that both faces and the background are not warped. As previously reported, Google Pixel 4 will not feature a dual-camera setup on the front. It is likely that the company may use the wide-angle lens to use this “Mesh Warp” feature. According to recent reports, Google may also introduce improvements to Night Sight mode with Pixel 4. The improvements may also include zero shutter lag and faster processing.