Google is months away from launching its upcoming 2019 flagship smartphone, Google Pixel 4. However, similar to past Pixel devices, details about the device have started surfacing online from the software. According to a new report, it looks like the company will add wide-color capture in the upcoming flagship. Developers spotted this possible feature in a recent Google Camera app update. The report indicates that Google Pixel may close up the gap with the iPhone by adding the wide-color capture feature. Currently, Android smartphones can only capture images in the sRGB color space. In contrast, the iPhone capture the images in the wider, P3 color gamut or color space.

Pixel 4 Google Camera update details: Why P3 color space matters?

According to a report by XDA Developers, the P3 color space or to be exact “a range of colors” in 25 percent larger than sRGB. Apple iPhone introduced wide-color capture support with the iPhone 7 back in 2016. A wider “range of colors” in the color space or color gamut means that the camera can capture more colors from the scene. This also translates to better, more true to life colors in the final image. In fact, Android users can’t really see this difference, or larger color space because of lack of color management in its app.

Working around the problem, Android apps just clip the wider range of colors to the nearest “in-range color in the sRGB color space”. This means that images shot on an iPhone are slightly richer in color than what they appear to be on Android devices. According to the report, this comes just a month after Google announced that wide color images are coming to Android. However, the company did not reveal any timeline regarding this feature improvement.

It is interesting that almost all camera sensors on Android devices have the capability to capture colors outside sRGB. The only issue here is proper support to display these colors on the operating system level. The report revealed that a senior member by the name “cstark27” discovered code in the Google Camera app for “wide-gamut P3”. The report also included a pair of images showcasing the difference between the sRGB and P3 color space captures. Inspecting the images, the P3 wide-color gamut images seem to be somewhat “more true-to-life” along with better color contrast. Given the timing, it is likely that we will get this feature in Google Pixel 4 Google Camera app.

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