Google Pixel 4 series is all set to launch on the global stage in the coming weeks. However, the lineup has already leaked online in a details manner including videos, image samples, and possible unreleased software features. Weeks after the initial set of videos started surfacing online, another set of reports has surfaced. This set of reports is sharing pre-released versions of key Google Pixel 4 apps on the internet. As per a new report, a pre-released version of the Google Pixel launcher is now on the internet. The updated launcher comes with an unannounced, swipe-down gesture to access the notifications tray.

Google Pixel launcher details

According to a 9to5Google report, swipe-down gesture allows users to swipe down in any blank area on the home screen. Once the user performs the gesture, the launcher pulls down the notification tray on the top. This gives users a relatively quicker and easier, one-hand access to the notifications. It means that users don’t have to reach all the way to the top of the device to pull down the notification tray. This feature is already available on a number of third-party launchers from independent developers and smartphone makers.

The gesture feature is quite important as Google is removing the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Earlier, a system-wide feature was baked in Google Pixel 3 series as part of the fingerprint sensor-focused gesture. Interested users can download the new Google Pixel launcher app on their devices. The report noted that the APK was extracted directly from a pre-released Google Pixel 4. It also noted that the feature should work on any other Google Pixel device.

We are not sure about the app version number at the time of writing. However, it is likely that Google will launch this version through Play Store at a later date. The report also noted that some Google Pixel users may face a bug where the launcher disables the home gesture. In this case, users can use the “back” or the “recents” gesture to fix the issue. Interested users can head to the report to find the link to install the updated launcher app. We do not endorse installing pre-released app versions. Keep in mind that the app may be unstable and cause issues with the normal functioning of the device.