It has long since been rumoured that Google is shifting from the Nexus range and moving to Pixel. And looks like the first ever Google smartphone under the Pixel brand is all set to be launched. Google and Android fans awaited Nexus devices with bated breath as the devices promised users not only a great device but the stock Android experience which is exactly what endeared Android to users in the first place. For Nexus, google would tie up with different smartphone manufacturing brands and each year, Google launched a Nexus smartphone/phablet or a tablet under the brand. In the past, Google partnered with Samsung, LG, Huawei and multiple other manufacturers for the Nexus range. Also Read - 28 Billion Photos Uploaded Per Week, Google Photos Announces Change in Storage Policy

Another upside to owning the Nexus range was that you got the try out and taste the latest Android version right from Google’s hand. It was optimised perfectly for the latest phone and gave users an idea of just how the latest OS version would work. It was a joy. But now, looks like the time for the Nexus range is nearing. With all those floating Pixel rumours, Google is actually poised for a Pixel phone launch in October. Leaked images are already spreading like wildfire on the internet and phone has managed to create quite a sensation. Google has already started sending out invites for the event and though the invite does not really reveal much, the phone outline is definitely hinting at a phone launch. And clearly, since there’s been no word on Nexus, this time it’s Pixel in the offing. Also Read - Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker Launch – Check Price and Specifications

The Pixel is creating a lot more excitement as it is the first smartphone to be designed by Google. In the past, for their Nexus range of devices, Google partnered with multiple smartphone manufacturers for the phones. Google had no say in the matter except when it came to software. However, latest reports suggest that this time around, Google is looking after every aspect of the device. The Pixel phone is said to be manufactured by HTC and will be a “Made by Google” phone. However, there’s not just one phone but rather, 2 phones that are expected to be launched under the Pixel brand. The first one is Google Pixel and the second one is Google Pixel XL. The second, larger phone is expected to be the flagship device. Also Read - Google Launches Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 with Snapdragon 765G SoC – Check Price, Specifications, and Camera Features

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Nest Netherlands accidentally revealed a glimpse of the devices in a video and by the looks of it, the phone from the front looks average. The front part of the phone has pretty wide bezels at the top and bottom and looks glossy indicating it might a plastic phone. The back of the phone is what is interesting everyone as it looks to be a dual-shade device with the top glossy white and the bottom with a slightly more matte finish. However, the discrepancy is wagging tongues and many are suggesting that the device might be a modular device. Google has already teased a modular device in the past (remember Project Ara) and many are hinting that this phone might actually be it. Google isn’t revealing anything in the video they released for the invite of the phone. However, it is still unclear if the video is indeed the Pixel phone and right now, people can only guess.

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In the video by Google, what’s seen is the standard Google rectangular search box which slowly re-shapes and takes the form of a smartphone. The date 4th Oct appears on the left while the colourful Google logo appears on the right. The rectangle then shows multiple images – some of Earth and some generic images. There’s just no hint given by Google except maybe the phone will focus on display and the camera. Google has also created a website for their upcoming device and are calling it Made by Google ( However, on the website, the date shown by Google is 5th Oct while the logo stays on the right. The website also givers users an option to sign up on Google and stay updated about their latest devices and device news. ‘Keep me updated about devices from Google and all the things you can do with them‘, says the site.

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Google Pixel XL is expected to come with a 5.5-inch display. The phone is expected to have a glass back too and if the phone in the picture was indeed the Google Pixel XL then the device might not be true to rumours and have a plain plastic back instead of the glass it is touted to have, Another feature of the Google Pixel XL making rounds is that the phone has 4GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory space! Pixel XL is also believed to have a 2k display screen. As opposed to Pixel XL, Pixel is expected to come with a 5-inch HD display, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. The camera specifications of only the Pixel XL are rumoured and the phone is said to come with a 12Mp rear end camera and a 7MP front cam. Both the devices however, are expected to be in the budget or the mid-range segment targeting the mass audience.