Google is finally preparing to catch up to other Android smartphone makers. The search giant will finally let Pixel users to customize appearance of their smartphone. The feature was spotted as part of Android 10 update available for Pixel smartphones. In the Settings menu, there is a new option called “Customize your Pixel” with a paintbrush icon. The header is supported by follow up options like Try different styles, wallpapers, clocks, and more”. This suggests Google is finally taking a page from OnePlus adding customization option.

With the current build, however, you don’t get any option to customize your Pixel. When you tap on this setting, it takes you to Wallpapers page. There is a possibility that Google is still building this feature and might release it as part of Pixel 4 launch next month. The feature is currently missing options for new clocks or different themes. According to XDA Developers, Google is planning a new app called “ThemePicker” and it might be called Pixel Themes on Google’s own hardware.

Photo: XDA Developers

The hidden app was discovered by XDA Recognized Contributor MSF Jarvis. Once the app is installed, it will appear as “Styles & wallpapers” in the app drawer. The strings of code accompanying the feature will allow users to customize the clock face on the phone’s lock screen or ambient display. It will also let users to customize the wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen. You will even have option to change the grid size for the Pixel launcher.


Additionally, a link found by XDA Recognized Developer luca020400 reportedly led to a Google Photos album containing several screenshots. One of these images reveals how the home screen can be set up with icons in different grid size. The options include 3 x 3, 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 format and Google might include three pre-installed themes. These are said to be:

Crayon: Purple accents, Arbutus fonts with Circular/Teardrop icons.
Collage: Green accents, Arvo and Lato font with Filled icons.
Ash: Black accents, Rubik font with Rounded/Squircle icons.

Photo: XDA Developers

The screenshots posted by the publication also show four different options for clock. This includes the default clock with digital numbers, a bubble clock, a stretch clock and a clock that shows time with text. The app is yet to appear officially in Android 10 build and is likely to debut at the “Made by Google” event next month.