GOQii is expanding beyond standard fitness trackers for its 2020 product road map. At an event in Mumbai today, the company announced GOQii Smart Stride, GOQii Smartwatch and GOQii Smart Weighing Scale. The first major product from the company is GOQii Smart Stride, which is being introduced as a connected treadmill. The treadmill comes with GOQii Play offering live and on-demand workouts. Enthusiasts will be able to carry out activities such as walking, running and other forms of cardio.

Since we are talking GOQii here, coaches play an important role with these new devices. There is Real Time ClassSync, where coaches can remotely control the speed of all treadmills. The base model of this connected treadmill is priced at Rs 25,000 and users get a 12-month GOQii Coach and Care team subscription. The smart-tech-enabled company says that preventive healthcare is “the only long-term solution to transform Healthcare.” The new products announced today are part of GOQii’s ‘The Internet of Health’ initiative.

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Alongside the connected treadmill, GOQii also launched two variants of its smartwatches. Called GOQii VitalPro and GOQii RunGPS Pro, they are designed for two different segment of users. They will be available in different colors to suit personal preference. The VitalPro will offer ECG monitoring while RunGPS Pro will offer both ECG monitoring and GPS functionality. These smartwatches are priced at Rs 6,999 and will be available by March 2020. They come with three month GOQii Coach and Care team subscription.

The third product from the company is a smart scale that can measure BMI, Body Mineral Content, Muscle Mass, Body Fat, Body Water percentage, BMR, Visceral Fat level and Skeletal Muscle. The smart weighing scales will be available from January 2020 and prices start from Rs 3,999. With the smart scale, GOQii offers a three month subscription. The company also announced a partnership with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance to take health insurance to the masses. It has also announced a strategic collaboration with Visa.