Hathway is making minor revision to its 300Mbps broadband plan offered in Chennai. The internet service provider was supposed to bring the plan to other cities sometime this year. However, it does not seem to have materialized just yet. The 300Mbps plan from Hathway was announced in October last year at Rs 1,699 per month. But, the company has now stopped offering the same plan on a monthly basis. Hathway is now offering the plan in two forms – six months and twelve months.

Hathway 300Mbps Broadband Plan: All you need to know

The annual plan is available for Rs 14,999, which brings the effective price down to Rs 1,249 per month. Those taking this plan will also be eligible for a free WiFi Mesh solution worth Rs 16,399. As mentioned before, the plan is available only in Chennai. The plan comes with speeds of up to 300Mbps and has FUP limit of 2TB every month. After FUP limit, the speed drops to 5Mbps, which is still better than 1Mbps offered by some rivals.

The six month plan is available for Rs 9,999 while annual plan is available for Rs 14,999. The effective price translates to Rs 1,666 per month when customers opt for a six month plan. The annual plan seems more lucrative with an effective price of Rs 1,249 per month. Hathway customers also get WiFi Mesh solution worth Rs 16,399 with this plan. The Mesh, according to Hathway, covers the entire house and can be controlled through Amazon Alexa.

In Chennai, Hathway offers three more broadband plans different from the 300Mbps plan. According to Telecom Talk, the first plan is Gpon Value offering 100Mbps speed and 1000GB FUP limit every month. This plan is available for Rs 949 per month. The plan is available for Rs 2,847 for three months, Rs 5,694 for six months and Rs 11,388 for annual subscription. It also offers Gpon Hero and Gpon Turbo with speeds of 150Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.

At effective price of Rs 1,249, Hathway’s 300Mbps broadband plan competes with Reliance JioFiber‘s 250Mbps. Available for Rs 1,299, the plan comes with unlimited data where high speed is restricted to 750GB and speed drops to 1Mbps after FUP limit. Hathway’s plan is definitely more lucrative than one offered by JioFiber but it is limited to Chennai only.