Internet Service Provider (ISP) Hathway Broadband has rolled out a number of new plans for its subscribers. As part of the plans, the company is offering fiber connection-like speeds of up to 50Mbps. In addition, the company also shared the pricing details of the new plans along with additional benefits that users get. These new plans are likely part of improving the portfolio of plans. The new plans have greatly expanded the offer portfolio for Hathway Broadband subscribers making things far more attractive.

Hathway Broadband offer details

As per a report from TelecomTalk, these new plans are meant for users not looking at “ultra-high speeds”. These new plans are better suited to tackle moderate needs such as streaming videos on multiple devices. Taking a closer look at the plans, the first plan is also called the Hathway Fiber Broadband HD Elite plan. Subscribers will get 50Mbps speed with a monthly FUP of 50GB. Once the user has exhausted the FUP limit, the internet speed will fall down to 2Mbps. It is also worth noting that the ISP is offering a minimum lock-in period of three months for the plan. This also means that you can’t get this plan on a monthly basis.

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Taking a look at the pricing of the HD Elite plan, the three-month plan will amount for Rs 2,549. In addition, Hathway Broadband will also offer the plan for a duration of six months and twelve months. The six months subscription will amount to Rs 4,949 and twelve months for Rs 9,349. The second plan is the HD3 Stream plan also offers similar benefits with the exception of the FUP data limit. Instead of a 50GB limit like in the first plan, the second plan offers a FUP limit of 100GB. The three months subscription is priced at Rs 2,999, six months at Rs 5,699, and twelve months at 10,999.

More details

The third plan is called the HD Bliss broadband plan which will offer 150GB FPU data. The post FUP internet speed will be 3Mbps instead of 2Mbps in previous plans. Talking about the pricing, the three months offer is priced at Rs 3,899. Moving forward, the six months plan is priced at Rs 7,599. Subscribers opting for the twelve months will need to pay Rs 14,299.

HD4 Stream plan will offer 200GB FUP data at Rs 4,499 for three months. Six months plan is priced at Rs 8,599 and twelve months plan at Rs 16,499. Hathway is also offering an unlimited fiber broadband plan at a flat 2Mbps speed. The three months plan is priced at Rs 2,399, six months at Rs 4,699, and twelve months at Rs 8,799.