Internet service provider Hathway has just introduced 22 new plans for its subscribers in select states. As part of the announcement, these new plans are available in regions spread across India. These include Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh. It is worth noting that these packs are also known as distribution platform operators (DPO) packs. The announcement also indicates that not all DPOs are available in the above-listed states. Instead, the total sum of all the backs spread across these states is 22.

Hathway DPO pack details

According to a report by DreamDTH, the company has announced two DPO plans in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. These plans include the Hindi Super Saver Pack, and Premium HD 424. The first plan offers 88 pay channels along with Delhi Free to Air (FTA)channels for Rs 297 per month. The second plan offers 114 pay channels with Delhi FTA pack for Rs 424 per month. The company announced two packs in Madhya Pradesh including Super Saver 1 and Super Saver 2. Super Saver 1 includes 81 pay channels and Madhya Pradesh FTA pack for Rs 297 per month. The second plan offers 71 pay channels with Madhya Pradesh FTA pack for Rs 250 per month.

Odisha got one DPO called Utkal First 169 with 11 pay channels and Odisha FTA pack for Rs 169. West Bengal received two new plans including Amar Choice Hindi and Starter 178. Amar Choice Hindi offers 32 pay channels with West Bengal FTA pack for Rs 227. Starter 179 offers 12 pay channels with West Bengal FTA pack for Rs 178 per month. Moving to Telangana we got three packs with Mana Super Value including 79 pay packs and Telangana FTA pack for Rs 297.

The second pack includes Mana Telugu Hindi English Mix with 137 pay channels and Telangana FTA pack for Rs 491. Last is Royal HD 550 with 122 pay channels with Telangana FTA pack for Rs 550. Similarly, Rajasthan comes with three DPO plans including Hindi Super Saver Pack, Mini HD 375 and Super HD 450. First offers 88 pay channels for Rs 297 and the second includes 90 pay channels for Rs 375 per month. The third offers 112 pay channels for Rs 450 per month. All three packs include the Rajastha FTA Pack.

Other DPO packs

Moving forward, Karnataka is the last state that comes with a maximum of 9 DPO packs. The list includes Hindi Prime, Infinity HD 669, Premium Hindi 299, Premium Malayalam 250, and Premium Marathi Hindi 235. Other DPO packs include Premium Telugu 245, Prime Kannada, Prime Telugu, and Royal Hindi English. All these plans have monthly charged tariff along with Karnataka FTA pack. Hindi Prime offers 92 pay channels, Infinity HD 669 comes with 164 pay channels, and Premium Hindi 299 comes with 90 pay channels. Premium Malayalam 250 comes with 46 pay channels and Premium Marathi Hindi 235 with 58 pay channels.

Premium Telugu 245 offers 50 pay channels, Prime Kannada sports 47 pay channels, Prime Telugu 52 pay channels, and Royal Hindi English offers 119 pay channels. Hindi Prime amounts for Rs 299, Infinity HD 669 for Rs 668, and Premium Hindi 299 for Rs 307. Premium Malayalam 250 for Rs 266, Premium Marathi Hindi 235 for Rs 247 Premium Telugu 245 for Rs 264, Prime Kannada for Rs 230, Prime Telugu for Rs 245, and Royal Hindi English for Rs 399. All these Hathway plans are already in effect.