Users today are addicted to smartphones and continuous social interaction. A few past reports suggest that smartphone addicts could be suffering from depression, social isolation, social anxiety, and shyness. Now, a new study reveals that one can use their phones to accurately extract vital parameters like heart rate and stress level. As per the study, if users have a smartphone, they don’t need any wearables to extract vital parameters.

In case you are unaware, accelerometers found in modern smartphones can help obtain a signal associated with mechanical cardiac activity. This is generated by the heart’s vibrations at every beat, which can be felt by placing the telephone on particular parts of the body. This information comes from a study published in the journal, Sensors.

In the study, the research team led by Professor Enrico Caiani from Politecnico di Milano in Italy focused on the positioning of the smartphone on the abdomen, at the belly button, in a prone position, before getting out of bed in the morning. By suitably processing this signal, measurements can be acquired of the heartbeat rate and status of activation of the sympathetic-vagal balance, associated with the stress level, said the study.

“The study also reveals that the capacity of the indicators measured by the smartphone to capture the increase in stress, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to determine the best correspondence of the results with the same observations made using an electrocardiogram taken at the same time,” IANS reports.

Separately, earlier this year, it was reported that a 16-year-old student from Madhya Pradesh suffered a major cardiac arrest. The student lost his life because of PUBG addiction. But some experts suggested that one can fight digital addiction by realizing the problem when someone develops it. Further, when parents realize that their child is spending too much time on screen, they should have a dialogue with the kid.

With inputs from IANS