Brian Acton, the co-founder of popular cross-platform, multimedia messaging app WhatsApp is back in limelight. As per a new report, Acton still thinks that users should delete their Facebook accounts.  This comes almost a year after Acton first shared his thoughts on Facebook. The new statement is identical to what he made almost a year back. Acton also shared the rationale behind this stance with the crowd at the 25th-anniversary summit of Wired. For context, Acton first shared hist thoughts on Facebook during the height of Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Why WhatsApp co-founder still stands by Delete Facebook?

Acton stated that users should use Facebook if they want “ads thrust” in front of them. Taking a look back at the statement last year, Acton inspired the brief #DeleteFacebook movement across the globe. The statement about deleting Facebook came at a critical time for the company. At the time, the company was dealing with the Cambridge Analytica revelation and alleged part in influencing the 2016 elections. As per a report from The Verge, Acton parted ways with Facebook back in 2017 over conflict with Mark Zuckerberg. As reported in the past, Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg pushed Acton to monetize WhatsApp.

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Under the pressure to monetize WhatsApp, Acton decided to part ways leaving behind stocks worth $850 million. While sharing his thoughts last year, Acton thought that “maybe” it was time to voice his thoughts regarding the company. The report also noted that Action is not the first Facebook executive to be critical of the company.

As per the report, after leaving Facebook, Acton went ahead to co-found the Signal Foundation. It is a non-profit organization behind the encrypted messaging app, Signal. He is also skeptical about Zuckerberg’s commitment towards encryption. Facebook is currently under pressure to stop implementing encryption because of national security concerns. Acton stated that it will be good if Facebook manages to implement encryption. However, until then, the company has a battle at its hands.