AI-led unicorn Hike, today launched personal avatars with HikeMoji. These are a personal way for users to bring an expression of themselves online. The service will allow users to create their own avatar with options for over 1000 hairstyles, facial features, bindis, local clothing, nose pins and more. To start with, users also get over 100 exclusive stickers of their HikeMoji in any of the 7 regional languages available in addition to English and Hindi. HikeMoji is a one of a kind service that is being offered by the company in India where the hyperlocal avatar is customizable with local components and languages.

The creation of HikeMoji according to the company is seamless. Once on the Hike Sticker Chat app, users can take a selfie that then gets converted into a base HikeMoji on top of which users can begin to customize their HikeMoji. The HikeMoji can be personalized with hyperlocal built items for the Indian audience. Once these are ready, the app automatically generates over 100 exclusive HikeMoji Stickers. These are only available to the user based on the language of their choice. The Stickers are available in 7 regional languages in addition to English and Hindi. These stickers can also be seamlessly shared across social media platforms.

Behind the scenes, Hike is using AI support to create these customized stickers. HikeMoji is created using Computer Vision and deep neural networks. This enables the platform to search around 100 trillion combinations of facial shape and color. This feature allows it to create a HikeMoji and the stickers reflecting the user’s looks within a few seconds. With hundreds of HikeMoji Stickers of themselves to choose from, ML and NLP play a key role in enabling easy discovery and apt sticker recommendations for each user across a total of 9 languages.

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Users can create their own HikeMoji and access exclusive stickers on the Hike Sticker Chat app. In addition to having their stickers in Hindi and English, users can choose from seven other regional languages. These are Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. Launched in beta, the feature will be soon be upgraded with new builds shipping out every few weeks.