New Delhi: They say there’s always a first time. Yes, in what was definitely a ‘first time,’ at least for meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker, Siri interfered on live television, making a weather forecast contradictory to what he was making.

In a video shared by BBC Weather’s official Twitter handle, Schafernaker is seen giving a weather forecast over snowfall in Minneapolis and Denver in the US. However,  Siri suddenly chimed in with a forecast of its own, saying, “But there’s no snow in the forecast,’ taking Schafernaker, as well as the show’s anchor, by surprise.

“Oh dear,” remarked Schafernaker as the anchor told him, “There’s snow in your forecast, I thought.” To this, he replied that the Siri did not know what place he was talking about.

“Should’ve taken my Watch off,” he remarks as the video comes to an end. Watch the humourous video here:

Later, Schafernaker ‘clarified’ on Twitter that he didn’t manually activate Siri.

However, a Twitter user identified that the issue may have arisen because of ‘Raise to Speak’ feature on Siri being enabled due to Schafernaker’s wrist movements, a suggestion that he seemed to agree with.

Siri, which was launched in October 2011, is a virtual assistant that is a part of Apple’s various operating systems. It uses voice queries and natural -language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations etc. by directing the requests to a set of internet services.