HMD Global, the company behind Nokia-branded Android smartphones has issued a new update regarding its software. Nokia-branded smartphones are part of the Android One program. This means that HMD Global works directly with Google for updates on its devices. The updates include both the Android Security patches as well as major Android version upgrades. In addition to the rapid updates, the company also ships a near-stock version of Android for its devices. This means that the company does not have to worry about updating its “skin” or any other changes.

Changes in the software in Nokia smartphones

However, Nokia-branded smartphones are not all that perfect when it comes to the software. The company uses Evenwell service to kill apps in the background to “save” battery. Third-party app killing solutions are not the recommended way to save battery on Android-based systems. At the beginning of the year, HMD Global was the worst offender when it came to killing background apps. The company made slight improvements to sit on the third worst according to According to a new report by XDA Developers, HMD Global confirmed that it has started making some much-needed changes.

The report noted that the company has started disabling the Evenwell service in its Nokia-branded devices. This shift in strategy started after the company upgraded its devices to Android 9 Pie. According to the latest announcement, HMD Global will finally completely disable the app killing services in all its devices. Instead of using Evenwell, the company will now let the Adaptive Battery system take care of things.

According to a new post on Nokia Community, the company clarified its decision to make this change. It also shared its rationale behind using Evenwell services in the first place. The post stated that there was no universal way to manage system performance before Adaptive Battery in Android 9 Pie. The introduction of Adaptive Battery means that they no longer have to depend on a third-party solution.