Chinese smartphone maker and Huawei sub-brand Honor has just taken to Gamescom 2019 to launch new hardware. According to the announcement, Honor has just launched its latest Gamepad accessory for smartphones. As per the details, this “Snap-on Gamepad” can be attached on the left or right side of your smartphone. The accessory uses USB Type-C to connect to the smartphone in question and it can also charge your smartphone.

Honor Gamepad details

The Gamepad only uses the USB Type-C connection to charge the smartphone during intense gaming sessions. As par the specifications, the Honor Gamepad features a 400mAh battery. In addition to keeping the smartphone charged, the battery also powers all the game controller features. The gamepad can also draw power from the smartphone if it is running out of charge to maintain the controller features. Taking about how it works as a game controller, Gamepad uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the smartphone. Honor claims that the Gamepad offers “console-grade gaming” with the help of the physical buttons.

The accessory features a physical joystick along with six action button, four of which are D-pad controls. Beyond the D-pad controls, an extra button below the D-pad and a trigger on the top of the accessory. The company revealed that players can customize the buttons to the games that they are playing at any given moment. To clarify, the Gamepad settings will change depending on the settings done in each individual game.

Honor has not specified any specific requirement for the Gamepad to work and the size appears to be adjustable. This adjustable size indicates that it will be compatible with most smartphones in the market. In addition to this, the company also did not share important details such as pricing or availability. Honor only revealed that Gamepad will be available in “Western Europe this year” as per the XDA Developers report. Beyond that, there are no details regarding the launch or pricing details for the Indian market.