PUBG Mobile India Latest News Today: Last year was full of mixed feelings for all PUBG Mobile users. Their most favourite game was banned in India and they were left with no interesting game like PUBG to play. However, there were some hope that PUBG Mobile India will be launched and they can get the chance to play the game again. But their hope again got demolished when the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology made it clear that the PUBG and its related games will not be launched in India over data and privacy concerns. Also Read - PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Update: Players Now Can Download Game With APK Link | Step-by-Step Guide Here

In November last year, a beacon of hope emerged for the mobile gamers after the Krafton Inc. announced a region-specific version of the game PUBG Mobile India. the Krafton Inc also released teasers on its social media handles featuring famous figures such as Dynamo, Jonathan, and Kronten. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Global Version: Check How To Download Game With APK Link

PUBG Mobile India: What are its announced changes? Also Read - PUBG Mobile 1.4 Global Version: Android Users Now Can Download Game With APK Link | Step-by-step Guide Here

As per updates, PUBG Mobile India is a region-specific version of the battle royale title, specifically developed to cater to users in India. Earlier, Krafton had disclosed that the privacy of the users would be their utmost priority.

“In order to reflect the needs and preferences of Indian users and to create a healthy gameplay environment and culture, game contents will be greatly improved. The background of Battleground Mobile India is set as a virtual simulation training ground, character costumes are automatically installed, and the bloodstain effect is changed to green, minimizing the impact on the play experience and reorganizing some contents according to the locality. In addition, a playtime limit function will be added for the healthy use of the game for teenagers,” the Krafton Inc had said.

If ever released, PUBG Mobile India will have numerous changes compared to that of the global variant. Some of the changes would be:

1) Default character clothing: As per updates, the characters in PUBG Mobile India will be fully clothed and the mobile gamers wouldn’t be able to undress them.

2) Playtime limit: Another unique feature has been introduced to limit the playtime of the game. This feature has been added to promote healthy gaming habits among the younger audience.

3) Green Hit Effect: This feature will be locked to the green colour. Meanwhile, in the global version, users will be able to change the colours.

Even though Krafton announced an investment of $100 million for promoting video games, esports, IT, and entertainment industries in India, there has been no official announcement regarding the game’s release date. Hence, users are still waiting when the PUBG Mobile India will be released in the country.