The new battle royale Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot of options and additions. It has different classes for players and more than that there are different vehicles in the game. One of the best options for travel in the game is the helicopter that is available in the battle royale. The helicopter is an extremely convenient mode of travel that can quickly get players from one place to another. But it has its drawbacks as well, and one of the biggest is that it has rather low HP. And some consistent hits by a few people can bring it down.

But to counter its low HP, the helicopter has a excellent mobility and speed that makes it a difficult target to hit. It has an extremely aerodynamic build that makes it difficult to hit. it can seat upto five people counting the pilot. The people who are seated on the sides can shoot while the helicopter is flying. Now this extremely convenient vehicle might be a little difficult to control for those that are not too familiar.

How to fly the helicopter

There are only two controls to flying the helicopter that players need to control. The left thumb stick controls the which way the helicopter will go and the right rise up and down button make it rise up and down. Now it’s important to remember that just going forward and to the sides is not enough. Once the helicopter is up in the air, if you don’t lift it time to time with the up button it will keep losing height.

Once you’ve reached the position you want to park the helicopter don’t just jump out of it if you want to use it later. It will just crash and burn, hence stop using the direction buttons and just use the down button to bring it down. Do remember that hitting obstacles will deplete the helicopter HP rather quickly.