Apple has released its newest OS version for iPhones and iPads which is iOS 13. And with the new version of iOS comes a lot of game centric features, like Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is essentially a subscription service that provides exclusive games. But besides that, there are other features with iOS 13 as well. And one of the most important gaming one is pairing a PS4 or an Xbox One controller with the iOS device and using it to play games on the iPad or iPhone.

iOS has provided controller support for a few years now. But this is the first time Microsoft and Sony have officially involved themselves. Hence, those that want to play those iOS games with the newly downloaded iOS 13, they can follow these steps here.

How to pair your PS4 controller with iPhone or iPad

When we speak about the PS4 controller we essentially mean the Sony DualShock 4 wireless controller. These can be bought separately from the PS4.

– Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS 13 device

– Now on your DualShock 4 wireless controller press Share + PS buttons simultaneously to bring it to pairing mode. Correctly pressing it for a couple of seconds will result in the light to turn white and blink.

– Back on your iOS device, the list of the nearby Bluetooth device should show the DualShock 4 wireless controller. Simply tap on it to pair.

How to pair your Xbox One controller to iPhone or iPad

There are a few things to keep in mind before pairing your Xbox  One controller to you iOS 13 device. To start off, this won’t work with the stock Xbox One Controller. This is because some Xbox One Controllers support Bluetooth, while others don’t. What users need is the Model 1708 wireless controller or the Xbox One Elite Controller, both of which support Bluetooth. On to the pairing method.

– Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS 13 device

– Now go into pairing mode on your Xbox One Controller by pressing the Xbox button in case it has not been paired before. If it is paired to an Xbox, turn off the controller and then press the pair button (between LB and RB buttons) for a few seconds.

– The Xbox One Wireless controller should now appear in the list of the nearby Bluetooth devices on your iOS device. Simply tap on it to pair.

How to disconnect or unpair controller from iOS 13 device

This is a pretty straightforward process.

– Go to the Bluetooth menu from the Control Panel, and tap on the Bluetoot icon to reveal the list of the paired devices.

– Here select the Controller to disconnect it.

– To unpair the controller, users need to go to the Bluetooth tab in Settings of the iOS device.

– Here, from the list of the paired deivces, users need to tap the ‘i’ beside the controller and tap Forget this device.