The one thing that we all dread is our Whatsapp auto shutting or having to change our phones and losing all our Whatsapp messages from the old device. Over time, we’ve grown so reliant on technology and our smartphones that a day without it seems impossible. And apps like WhatsApp have revolutionised the the way we communicate with each other. Whatsapp, the Instant Messenger or IM app that was initially used for communicating between friends has now turned into one of the most important communication systems. We use Whatsapp for communicating with family, co-workers and even businesses flourish on WhatsApp! The app is used for formal communications where office-goers have their work groups on the app, the businessmen use Whatsapp to keep in touch with clients and even brands have a growing presence on the app. In such a scenario, it often becomes extremely essential to not only save all messages and have a backup, as there might be need to refer to them in the future or at times, it even acts as proof of a conversation and can be used to validate a point. So then, yes, whatsapp conversations are crucial and it is important to save them or make sure you don’t lose at least the important ones.Also Read - Centre Defends New IT Rules, Urges Delhi HC to Dismiss Fresh Pleas of Facebook, WhatsApp

But then, how do you lose WhatsApp messages? Is it possible? Well yes. There are multiple reasons why people often lose their WhatsApp conversations. One of the most dangerous reasons behind you losing your Whatsapp chats is a virus attack on your smartphone or a malfunctioning smartphone which might lead to a factory reset and loss of all your data. Though this reason is rare, it does occur, leading to loss of not only Whatsapp data but all other data. But coming to the more common reasons. The first one is if they are using an old, outdated version of Whatsapp and the app stops functioning. If that happens, you won’t be able to use the app or open it to access your messages. Another reason is if users change their device. Now, with the recent announcement Whatsapp made, both these reasons could lead you to losing your messages. Whatsapp recently announced that it would stop supporting multiple older smartphones – this includes a list of Android, iOS, BlackBerry and other OS based devices. Whatsapp is urging users to shift to devices running the newer, more advanced operating systems and thus, protect themselves and their devices. But then, if you are using an older phone, how do you shift to a new phone keeping all your Whatsapp conversations intact on that device too? Do not click if you get this Whatsapp Video Calling message. It’s spam and can hack all your data! Also Read - WhatsApp Will Stop Working On Some Of Smartphones After 10 Days: Check Full List Here

Well, fret not! There is a way for you to transfer all your chats to the new phone without really losing anything and also without hassle. While if the messages are not important and you require only a few of them, you can email the messages to yourself and save them in your inbox. That ways, your messages will stay safe and phone won’t get too cluttered. But then, if you absolutely want every message of yours to be safe and secure and stored in your smartphone, new or old, then the only option is to transfer your messages. But then, remember a few things when you are buying a new device and wish to transfer your Whatsapp chats: You cannot transfer messages from an Android phone to an iOS device. That is because, while Android stores the backup of the Whatsapp chats file in Google Drive, in a separate format, Apple stores the backup on iOS cloud which comes in a different format. While there are a couple of paid apps in the market that support the transfer from iOS to Android and likewise, it is a lengthy and time consuming process. Your best bet in this case is to email all your chats and though not sync them, you can access them from the email at any point of time. Whatsapp to soon launch Snapchat stories feature along with new status update tab! Also Read - WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature That Allows Users to Join Ongoing Calls Directly From Group Chats

But then, if you wish to transfer your chats from an old Android phone to a new Android phone, then it’s easy peasy. You have 2 ways to do it. Check them both out here:

Method 1 (Applicable only if you use an SD card):

1. First open Whatsapp in your old phone and go to Settings. In Settings, choose Chats and Calls. From there, click on Backup chats.
2. This will commence the Backup process. Once the Backup is complete, simply go to the Settings menu in your smartphone (not Whatsapp but phone Settings) and choose the Eject SD card option.
3. Install Whatsapp in your new phone and insert your SD card with the Whatsapp in the new phone. Set up Whatsapp using the same phone number you used in your old phone.
4. Once the Setup is complete, you will receive an option to Restore. Click on the option and all your messages will be restored on your new phone. 7 Biggest Whatsapp spam messages and hoaxes that irritated the hell out of us

Method 2 (Applicable if you use your phone’s internal memory):

1. Backup all your Whatsapp chats in your old phone (using step 1 above). But then, whicle backoing up, choose the option to backup to Google Drive.
2. Install Whatsapp in your new phone but wait before verifying your number.
3. Log into Google in your new phone using the same email address as that on your old phone.
4. Using the same number from your old phone, verify Whatsapp. Once you get the option to Restore, choose the Google Drive option tio restore your messages. make sure you are signed into the same Google Account used on your own phone on the new phone.
5. After the restoration process is complete, tap on Next and your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete.
6. After restoring your chats, WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files.