Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Huawei has just launched a new fitness band accessory in the market. According to the announcement, the company has just launched the Huawei Band 4e Basketball Wizard Edition in China. This new model of the fitness band is the successor to the Huawei Band 3e and aimed at sports enthusiasts. The company revealed that the band is specially crafted at people interested in basketball with a new “Basketball mode”. For context, Huawei launched its Band 3e last year to target a similar crowd.

Huawei Band 4e Basketball Wizard Edition details

According to a report by GizmoChina, Huawei has priced its Huawei Band 4e Basketball Wizard Edition at 129 RMB. This price amounts to about Rs 1,290 giving us an idea about the potential price in India. The company initially launched the fitness band on pre-order in Tmall for 119 RMB or about Rs 1,190. According to promo images about the fitness band, users can put it on their shoe to measure the relevant data. Talking about the special “Basketball” mode, the company claims that the band can track accurate data related to the performance. The monitored data includes ground-contact time, step length, wing angle, landing impact, foot strike placement, eversion excursion, and cadence.

The company claims that attaching the band to the shoes results in more accurate step tracking. In addition, court data can help users set targets while training or analyze the performance for possible improvements. Huawei also stated that users can use the collected data to ensure that players don’t overstrain themselves during training. Moving to the specifications of the band, Huawei has added a 0.5-inch PMOLED display with 6 grams weight. The company has also added a “polyamide color mix strap”.

On the wrist, the band features a number of other functions in addition to activity tracking and sleep tracking. Beyond the usual tracking, users can use the Huawei Band 4e for reminders for incoming calls, messages, and alarm clocks. The device also comes with “Find my phone” feature. The company claims that the brand offers a battery backup of up to 14 days on one charge. Last but not least, this band is also waterproof.