Chinese electronics giant Huawei is just announced that Huawei P30 Pro users can now beta test EMUI 10 in India. The company revealed that this beta testing program is part of the Diwali #spreadthejoy campaign. Huawei clarified that the beta test has already started rolling out and users will get it in this week. The company initially launched the update about one and a half month back at its annual Developers Conference. As part of the announcement, the update will first come to the Huawei P30 series for beta testing. It also revealed that it will give a surprise gift to users who post their review of the EMUI 10.

Huawei P30 Pro EMUI 10 update details

During the EMUI 10 announcement, Huawei confirmed that the Mate 30 lineup will come with the new software.  To get started, P30 Pro users need to sign up for the EMUI 10 beta version present on the Huawei Community page. Talking about all the new changes in the Huawei EMUI 10, the first up we see is revamped UI. Huawei has changed the UI of the software across the board to introduce a new look. The company claims that this new look is aesthetically pleasing while increasing the functionality. As part of the announcement, the new UI will come with larger app “headlines”, larger icons and more.

The company wants to make the navigation immersive and pleasing with these changes. As previously noted, EMUI 10 update will also upgrade the base version of Android to the latest Android 10. Another change is the introduction of a system-wide dark mode that also works with built-in Huawei apps. In addition, the dark mode toggle also works with third-party apps. Huawei has also added a new feature to the dark mode where the company will change the contrast on the screen under changing lighting scenarios.

Huawei clarified that EMUI 10 will create four different color themes under dour different lighting conditions to make reading easier. The company has also made changes to the camera app with EMUI 10. Changes include upgraded camera design, new features, and tweaks. The most prominent one is likely to be the new zoom slider along with 11 new filters. In addition, the camera app also shows the level of bokeh with an f-stop instead of the usual number. The company has also improved the overall animations to make it more fluid and natural. Huawei will roll out the EMUI 10 beta to Mate 20 series in the coming weeks followed by other devices.