Just one day back, Airtel launched an all new plan to battle Reliance Jio’s competitive rates and launched free calling for all. And now, Idea has soon followed suit and announced free calling offers for all too. The offers are quite similar to Airtel with a difference of just a couple of rupees. Since the launch of Reliance Jio, the pressure on most telecom operators in the country has doubled. While initially, most perators had a free hand to price their products and offerings accordingly and it was pretty much on the basis of network strength that people chose networks, with the entry of Reliance Jio, the entire scenario has changed. Reliance Jio launched their 4G SIM card in the country for free and since then, the network operator has been seeing a queue of people signing up. There have also been attempts made by Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and the likes to complain to TRAI about Jio, but so far that has yielded no results.Also Read - Idea to launch new TV, Movies, Music and Games apps to take on Reliance Jio, get back in the game

Coming back to the new Idea offer, the offer for now has been launched in all circles but the prices vary marginally from circle to circle. The operator, just like Airtel, has launched 2 voice calling packs with unlimited voice calls. The packs are priced at Rs 148 and Rs 348. The Rs 148 pack comes with a whole lot of limitations and restrictions and is not really a free calling pack as opposed to the Rs 348 pack which offers a lot more flexibility. Both of these packs are valid for 28 days, which equals to one month in the telecom operating cycle. The packs, on the face of it look exactly like those of Airtel’s. Through these packs, Idea and AIrtel have both confirmed the stress the Reliance Jio 4G connectivity is adding to their networks and the strain they are going through. The similarity of the packs also means that each operator is trying hard to woo their customers and keep them from switching networks. Also Read - Idea to take on Reliance Jio, users will soon be getting free internet and calls

Coming to the call offers and rates under the new Free Voice Calls Idea Offer, as mentioned above, there are 2 variants of the pack. The first variant comes for Rs 148 which includes 300 MB of 4G internet. The call rates under this offer are nil only for Idea-to-Idea users. For all other users, the charges are standard. Additionally, the calling is free for local as well as STD calls. After the 300 MB limit is exhausted, users are charged for their internet once more. Now coming to the Rs 348 offer, which is true free calling offer, under the offer, the Ideas user can make free and unlimited voice calls to any user across any network for free. The calls are not network bound. It includes both, STD and local calls. Additionally, the free data limit is also ramped up to 1 GB worth of 4G data. Additionally, the offer is also valid for those who do not have smartphones but feature phones. They can use 2G data instead but the limit is 50 MB for both the packs.  Airtel launches new pack with 4G internet and free calling for Rs 145!

Talking about the plans, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said, “As people in India get into the holiday mode, they will tend to stay better connected with their loved ones. Providing them with seamless connectivity at an affordable price point, we have launched these exciting voice packs that enable Idea prepaid users to make unlimited voice calls across the country. We hope they make the best out of this proposition.” With the extension of their initial Welcome Offer as the new Happy New Year Offer, Reliance Jio has upped the pressure on telecom operators. The network operator plans to improve the network and address the call drop issues in order to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Also, the rates announced by Jio are still cheaper although the other operators are matching up to those prices. For now, Reliance Jio being free, it is a tough task for operators to match up.