While the budget phone segment is filled with interesting and powerful devices that offer premium features, the budget wearable market in India is not as aggressive. That being said, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has already set a benchmark for how to make a solid fitness band, and sell it at an affordable price. Also Read - Disha Patani Redefines Fitness Goals By Doing Lat Pulldown Workout| WATCH

These days quite a few brands are launching their own wearable devices as fitness trackers are becoming popular for all good reasons. These fitness wearables can not only help track your daily sports activities, but also act as a companion to your smartphone. Infinix is the latest brand eyeing the wearable space. The company is targeting those who want to track their health and fitness on a basic level while also getting a few smart features. Also Read - 7 Benefits of Lifting Weights Every Women Should Know

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At Rs 1,799, Infinix’s latest Band 5 offers a generic design, basic daily activity tracking, long battery life, and a few smart features. The big question that comes in mind is whether Infinix offers the best to pull customers away from the well-known brand Xiaomi. Also, does it offer good value for your money? Read our Infinix Band 5 review to find out. Also Read - 6 Fitness Apps To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal In 2021

Design, Display, User Interface

The Infinix Band 5 looks slightly different from its predecessor — XBand 3. The company has improved the design and given it a much better look. It still follows a generic fitness band design. It is not fancy and is also not for the slim-wristed. There is one neat design touch too. The company has added silver accents above and below the band’s screen to give it a unique look. The tracker has a 0.96-inch screen nestled into a plastic wristband. You get a color IPS display and not an OLED display, which is disappointing.

Infinix has opted for a more traditional watch clasp, which makes it easy to wear and even reduces the chances of it coming off. But Infinix’s fitness band is not comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day and night as the straps are too hard. This is usually the case with those users who have small wrists. One will also notice a gap between the arm and the band, which makes it look weird.

Removing the band for charging is quite a task. You won’t be able to remove the strap in seconds as it needs a lot of strength. The Infinix Band 5 comes with an IP67 waterproof rating, which is a good addition. This means that the wearable is rated for immersion in water as much as one meter deep for about half an hour.

With the Infinix Band 5, you don’t get a full touchscreen display. For navigation, there is a capacitive Home button right below the display. Moreover, the actual display is pretty small compared to the tracker’s overall length. This is fine considering the price it demands. The text on the display looks crisp. Colors also look nice too. We did have issues reading it under direct sunlight.

There is no physical button on either side of the band. You just need to tap on the home button or raise your wrist to turn the display on. Users can jump to any particular screen by long-pressing the home button. You can also long-press the button to change the band’s face. The company has added only three faces, which look decent. The default screen of the fitness band shows a lot of information, including, time, weather, continuous heart rate, battery percentage, day, date and month. However, there is no direct button that returns you to the home screen if you’re in a different menu. But the response to the touch on the Infinix Band 5 is quite good.

Infinix Life2.0 app, Activity tracking

You will have to use the Infinix Life2.0 app to pair the Band 5 with your phone. The company’s app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app will let you setup smartphone notifications. While some bands don’t allow you to add apps to get notifications on the band, Infinix’s app lets you add as many as you want in the “APP Reminder” section. You will get the notification on the band right away, but you won’t be able to reply to any messages, calls or notifications, which is fine at this low price point.

There are a few nifty features that Infinix has added to its app. There are different settings for Call Reminder, SMS Reminder, App Reminder, and Sedimentary Reminder. The latter lets you set no-exercise reminder time. There are also built-in vibration alarms, a “find Bracelet” feature if you misplace it, and a “Shake to take picture” option. You can even set on-screen time.

The smart band comes with a heart rate sensor for 24×7 pulse monitoring and can even alert you if the heart-rate crosses a defined limit, which you can set in the app. You can turn off the continuous heart rate monitoring option, but you can’t adjust how frequently the watch should check your HR. Our smart band logged heart-rate data at five-minute intervals. We compared the heart rate readings with the Lenovo Carme smartwatch and the results were most of the time close. There were times when our device was not able to detect if it is being worn as it then reported bogus data.

The Infinix Band 5 can also track basic activities and can offer details like steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered, sleep pattern and more. The bad part is you will have to flick your wrist or tap on the screen in midrun or any other sport to see your pace. You cannot even pause the tracker, and you will only be able to check the final results on the phone’s app (or the live data tracking on the band).

Strangely, the device doesn’t offer support for remote music controls and Oxygen level tracking as its predecessor offered these features. The ability to control smartphone’s music from the band would have been a good addition. You do get four sports modes, including Skipping, Running, Walking and Riding. It is worth noting that the screen works even when you have sweaty hands. These are some basic modes and are quite useful. You will get more advanced features on Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 4. It offers a number of workout modes as well as support for five different swimming styles.

Moving ahead, Infinix Band 5’s sleep analysis is also quite useful. It gives insight into sleeping patterns, including deep, awake and light sleep. Like other trackers, this app too gives you suggestions on getting enough sleep, which could be helpful for some. The device automatically tracks your sleep. There is no option to turn on the sleep tracking mode. This feature is quite useful as you won’t need to inform the band that you’re going to bed. We found its overall sleep tracking results to be almost accurate. It is worth noting that you never really get completely accurate results with fitness wearables. Having said that, the Infinix Band 5’s step tracking was accurate enough to rely on, and it didn’t register steps while traveling.

Battery life

The Band 5 lasted about five days on a single charge with continuous heart-rate tracking, running, sleep, and step tracking. You can save a lot of battery by turning off the continuous heart-rate monitoring, and “Raise Hand to Activate Display” feature. The company’s app also kept a persistent notification on our phone, which was a bit annoying. The device can be fully charged in about one-and-a-half hours. The best part is you don’t need to carry a proprietary charger. The smart band charges via a male USB connector.

Infinix Band 5: Should you buy it?

The Infinix Band 5 is priced at Rs 1,799 in India. This is a very basic fitness smart band, and can track heart-rate, steps, and sleep data. You also get a decent battery life, a waterproof rating, and notifications on your wrist. What you don’t get is BP monitoring, OLED display, music control, full touchscreen, and Oxygen level tracking. Also, the IPS panel is not that great as the brightness and contrast ratio takes a hit when viewing the display from an angle. Infinix is also advised to work on the design of the device as it is not very comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for a good fitness band, then you should also check out Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4. This will cost you Rs 500 more, but you will get good quality, performance, features and nearly 2 weeks of battery life. It also offers a color OLED display (touchscreen). The only issue is the display is quite small. You can also go for the Lenovo Carme smartwatch for a better overall design and big display.